We’re delighted to share with you another brilliant writer who will be publishing with us in the autumn!

HP Team

Kath Morgan – ‘The By-Catch Principle’

I grew up in Wales but was born with restless legs and have lived all over. After a decade in Asia, I returned to the UK and have been living in Cornwall since 2001. I was one of those kids who always had their nose in a book and a pen in their hand, and I’ve published various scribblings over the years. After 17 years as a schoolteacher, I took an MA in Professional Writing and began teaching the subject I love to adults, instead. I’m still doing that, and still loving it.

Like so many others who have made Cornwall their home, my family came here every year for our holidays and the magic rubbed off and never left me. I have lived in numerous locations, both in the UK and abroad, but only on a couple of occasions have I lived away from the coast. Those inland experiences taught me that it’s the sea that grounds and inspires me. Where better to be always near it than on this legendary peninsula?

The idea for ‘The Bycatch Principle’ had been brewing with me since my schoolteacher days when I found myself uncomfortable with the amount of data being collected on children. Later, I read a book about FBI profiling, and that old ‘what-if’ question started fermenting away. Then one day the main character arrived unannounced as I was responding to a writing prompt … and the story was born. I hope readers will enjoy it and will take it as a warning.

I was drawn to the Hermitage Press concept of a home for Cornwall-based writers. There’s so much writing talent in this region (I know because I work with many of them) but finding a publishing fit can be tough. I also love the ethos that Hermitage Press has of supporting local suppliers, and the collaborative approach they take to everything. ‘The Bycatch Principle’ has found the right home with Hermitage Press, and I’m excited about working with them to bring it to publication in Autumn 2023.

January 2023.

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