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“I’m flat on my face, chewing the tarmac, when this bloke nearly runs me over. But instead of giving me a hard time, he gives me a beat-up surfboard, a Fulmar, smiles like he knows something good’s gonna happen, and drives off. But Dad’s dead, I’ve got the law on my case, plus there’s Mum: addicted to daytime TV, smokes so many cigs even the dog’s got a cough. On the upside, there’s Karl, a surf lifeguard and legend who stops me from drowning in more ways than one. There’s surfing and new mates, big waves. Lifeguard training. And Jade: brainy, scary in a good way – hot. If only Aiden never wanted to kill me, it might be happy ever after, but he does, and it ain’t.”

Jacob Penhallow, age 15, Porth Enys, Cornwall


Praise for Fulmar

‘A wonderfully gritty and gripping debut.’ Tim Hannigan, author of The Granite Kingdom

‘Heart-pounding and poignant.’ Caroline Ambrose, The Bath Novel Awards

‘This elemental story of a boy and the sea wakes up our own dreams and inspires us to follow them.’ Lucy Van Smit, author of The Hurting

‘An utterly unforgettable story: you’ll be rooting for Jacob at every turn.’ Maggie Harcourt, author of The Pieces of Ourselves

‘A nuanced and affecting story that will stay with me for a long time.’ Catherine Barter, author of We Played with Fire.





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