Clare Dwyer – Author Profile

“I live with my husband in South-East Cornwall and am an active member of Liskeard Poets. My debut collection ‘If Wishes Were Horses’ (2019) was published by Scryfa. I was also a runner-up in an environmental poetry competition run by The Literary Platform. Recently, I graduated from Plymouth University with an M.A in Creative Writing. I have three children and a gaggle of grandchildren whom I consider to be my greatest achievement.

Cornwall has a unique ‘otherness’ which stems from an ancient history and culture which is still thriving. From coastal cliffs, the relics of its mining past, ancient dolmens and stone circles, moorland, steep river valleys threaded with folklore, all providing an underlying inspiration. It is a place to lose self and to listen.

My forthcoming poetry collection, ‘Murmurations’, is based on a notebook full of ideas, drafts of poems and thoughts about my life whilst having to shield through the pandemic. The existential threat created an examination of how my life was, who I was and the limited world I now inhabited, ameliorated by the natural world and by my interest in the cosmos. The first threads of inspiration came from a month of prompts from my poetry lecturer at university. Although my dissertation for my MA was originally going to be on a very different topic, the lockdown meant I could not undertake the research I needed. Those daily prompts inspired an inward examination, a self-reflection which is rarely possible when we are on our normal ‘hamster wheels’ of life and my hope is that the poetry will resonate with others.

The majority of publishers are not place specific and are based largely in other regions. To have a publisher who is focused on Cornish writing has been an amazing opportunity. Through the process of putting this collection together for publication, I have found the support invaluable and that someone likes my work enough to put time and energy bringing it into book form, is such a privilege.”

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