Murmurations – Clare Dwyer

‘A unique voice that lends a resonant frisson to the era (of lockdowns) that embedded the true meaning of isolation into our collective consciousness.’

Miriam Darlington, author of Owl Sense.

‘In this attentive and quietly powerful collection, Clare Dwyer takes from the small changes in her garden during lockdowns, to imaginative flights through both inner and outer space. These carefully observed poems offer resonant mediations on family and isolation, connection with the natural world and a paradoxical sense of rootedness and unmooring in the face of life-changing events.’

Dr Ben Smith, author of Doggerland.

‘An accomplished collection which highlights the pleasures and the compensations of the natural world.’

Steve Spence, author of A Curious Shipwreck.



Sisters of the Pentacle – Paul Taylor-McCartney

‘This time-travelling adventure brings past, present, and future together, and mixes it with a lot of magic and a fair chunk of science to give the sisters at the centre of the story the chance to repair a damaged pentacle – and their planet. Really looking forward to seeing where this goes next!’
Katherine Hertzel, author of Tilda and the Dragons.



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